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Short Term Special Events
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Short Term Special Events

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This program is for those who are hosting/organizing an event.  Concessionaires, entertainers and/or vendors
click here for coverage.  



This insurance program is specifically designed for the organizers of short term special events that meet the following criteria:

  • Maximum total attendance is 3,000 or less.
    (For events with attendance over 3,000, please click on Applications & Printable Documents link above and complete
    the pdf application found there)
  • Maximum number of consecutive event days (not including set-up or tear down) is 10.
  • Event is held at a single location.
  • Event location must be held in the U.S.


Note: Special Events that may not be eligible for the program outlined below and/or have more complex coverage needs should visit
our Special Events  program administered in our Events Unit.

Eligible Operations
-After prom parties (school-sponsored event only)
-Graduation ceremonies
​-Grand openings
-Award Presentations
-Job fairs
-Bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah
-Memorial services
-Billiard events/tournaments
-Picnics (no in or on water activities)
-Bingo games (for fundraising/charity only)
-Poet or poetry readings
-Book signings
-Card games/events (for charity/fundraising only)
-Car/motorcycle/RV/boat shows - static display only
-Recitals (dance, music)
-Car Washes (for charity/fundraising only)
-Religious events
-Casino Events (for charity/fundraising only)
-Celebrations (holiday, new year)
-Sales (bake, charity, consignment, estate, garage)
-Chamber of commerce business events/mixers
-School band or drill team competitions
-Charity events
-School carnivals (no rides/inflatables)
-Chess events
-Showers (baby, bridal, wedding)
-​Christmas caroling (single location)
​-Shows (animals,-arena setting only, antique, art, baby,
​-Christmas lighting ceremony

business, collector, consumer, craft, fashion, flower, garden,
​-Concerts - other than rap, hip-hop, heavy metal/screamo or

home, stage, wedding)

techno/electronic (call for approval)
​-Social gatherings or receptions
​-Speaking engagements
​-Debuts or debutante balls
​-Talent searches/shows - children only
​-Dinners, luncheons or showers
​-Direct selling consultant parties
​-Theatrical performances or musicals
​-Easter egg hunts (no egg drops from aircrafts)
​-Walking tours (garden, holiday, parade of homes, historical
​-Farmers' markets

sites) - single location
​-Wedding activities (rehearsal, ceremony or reception)
​-Film screening or showings

​-​Flea Markets or swap meets

-Food cooking contests

Ineligible for this program:

Certain event types are not eligible for coverage by this program. K&K reserves the right to decline any request for coverage.
The ineligible event types include, but are not limited to the following (and are excluded from coverage):
-Activist rallies/marches/protests
-Fraternity or sorority events (except alumni association
-Aircraft shows/events

off-site events that have been approved by us)
-Animal obedience training
-Geocaching events
-Any events involving organized athletic events/competitions
Gun and/or knife shows
-Any events and/or concerts - involving rap, hip-hop,
Haunted attractions/events

heavy metal/screamo or techno/electronic
Health fairs/expositions
-Any event held on an airport premises
-Hunting, fishing and hiking events
Any events honoring national and/or local celebrities or
-Mazes (corn, hay or fence)

professional athletes
-Parades (or any event involving a parade)
Any events involving in or on water activities
-Political events (except private fundraising auctions,
-Battle reenactments

benefits, dances, dinners)
-Cannabis related events
-Pumpkin chuckin events
-Christmas tree sales/lots
-Cinematography or photography events for commercial use
-Shooting events/activities (skeet/trap/clay/guns)
Color party, foam party or raves
​-Tailgating events (unless reported to and approved by us)
​-Tractor pulls
Food eating contests
​-Union meetings

​-Walks/running events*

*For walks and/or running events, please visit Walk/Run Event page or contact us for additional information.

Coverages Available & Program Highlights

Commercial General Liability
-Personal and Advertising Injury  
-Medical Expense  
-Damage To Premises Rented to You  
-Products-Completed Operations  

Notable Exclusions

-Abuse molestation, harassment or exploitation
-Sexually transmitted disease
-Any event held at multiple locations (except for weddings)
Silica or silica-related dust
Any event held outside the U.S.
-Specified recreational vehicles and activities - 
-Any event with over 3,000 in attendance

Aircraft/hot air balloon; Airport; Amusement devices: The

ownership, operation, maintenance or use of any device
Cap on losses from certified acts of terrorism

or equipment a person rides for enjoyment, including, but 
Commercial general liability standard exclusions

not limited to: mechanical or non-mechanical ride, slide,
(CG0001 4/13 edition)

or water slide (including any ski or tow when used in 
Communicable diseases

conjunction with a water slide); inflatable recreational device;
Cyber incident, data compromise, and violation of statutes

or vertical device or equipment used for climbing, whether
related to personal data
permanently affixed or temporarily erected. This exclusion
E-commerce consulting
does not apply to video games or computer games or 
Employment-related practices

structures that are not designed to bounce on, slide on, ride on
or tunnel through; Animals; Bungee; Dunk tank; Haunted
Fungi or bacteria
attraction; Parade; Performer; Rodeo; Saddle animal; 
-Nuclear energy
-Total pollution with a building heating, cooling & dehumidifying
-Operations of concessionaires, exhibitors and/or vendors

equipment exception and hostile fire exception

at your event
Unmanned aircraft
​-Petting zoos

Room and board liability/overnight camping

Preliminary Underwriting Information Required
The following information is required 10 business days prior to the desired effective date:
-Completed and signed enrollment form
-Full premium payment by check or credit/debit card