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Health Clubs- Basic Service Operations

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Eligible Operations
This program is specifically designed for U.S.-based owners and operators of membership-based health and fitness clubs and/or tennis/racquet clubs offering programs and services for members and guests that may include:  circuit training, personal training, aerobics, yoga, pilates, free weights, resistance machines, cardio machines, a variety of exercise group classes, strength training, non-contact martial arts, basketball/volleyball, racquet sports, wirlpool/hot tubs, saunas/steam rooms, massage, nursery/babysitting, nutritional weight control, tanning, pro shops, snack/juice bars and 24-hour key card access facilities.

To be eligible for this program, the facility's annual revenue must be $2,000,000 or less (excluding revenue for
initiation sign-up fees)
Coverage is provided by a carrier rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company.
Ineligible Operations:
-Beauty/hair salon services-Martial arts facilities
 -Blood analysis-Medical, therapy or health care services
-Dance facilities-Physical therapy, physicals or stress testing
-Drop-off child care services-Programs specifically designed for health disorders/diseases,
-Facilities outside of the US
unless reported to and approved by us
-Full-size trampolines-Rock climbing walls
-Gymnastics and/or cheer facilities or classes-
Sports medicine, rehabilitation, and/or therapy services
-Ice/Inline/roller skating (Including skating treadmills)         -Sports skills instruction facilities, academies, schools, programs

(except for tennis/racquet)
Swimming pools/lap pools                              

* Health club facilities that offer programs and services that are not eligible for this program should contact K&K Insurance at
1-877-355-0315 or review additional programs for Health & Fitness Facilities.
Liability Coverage
Commercial General Liability coverage protects the insured against liability claims for bodily injury and property damage arising out of the premises, operations, products and completed operations, and personal and advertising injury. Legal Liability to Participants coverage protects the insured health and fitness club against claims arising out of any bodily injury to a participant. Professional Liability coverage protects the insured health and fitness club against any wrongful acts (any breach of duty, neglect, error, or omission in the discharge of "sports or fitness activities") that occurs while conducting instruction of fitness activities. There is no deductible applicable to liability claims.

General LiabilityOptional Coverages:​
-General Aggregate-Abuse, Molestation or Exploitation
 -Products-Completed OperationsDefense Cost Reimbursement Coverage
-Personal and Advertising Injury-Inland Marine - Equipment & Contents
-Bodily Injury to Participants Liability
-Liability for Independent Contractor
-Professional Liability
-Damage to Premises Rented to You-
Sexual Abuse or Sexual Molestation Liability
-Medical Expense limit

​-​Hired Auto & Employers nonownership Liability
(not available in IL, LA, UT, VT and WI)                                     

Notable Exclusions
-Abuse, molestation or exploitation
-Nuclear energy liability
 (unless requested & approved by K&K)-Sales or distribution of herbal and/or medicinal products
-Acupuncture-Exclusion - Designated Professional Services
-All operations listed as ineligible*Professional services performed by a physician, nurse or
-Amusement devices (eg: rides, slides, inflatables,  or chiropractor
bungees, climbing walls, dunk tanks)*Psychiatric treatment
-Asbestos*Electrolysis hair removal
-Boxing (contact/sparring)*Ear piercing
​Cap on losses from certified acts of terrorism
​*Prescription of dispensing of medication or drugs
​-Communicable Diseases
  or stimulants of any kind.  
​Cyber incident, data compromise and violation of statutes 
​*Performance of medical diagnostic or testing services

​related to personal data
  ​which involve or service a prerequisite to examination
​-​Cycling (other than stationary)​  of bodily fluids or tissue
​-​Employment-related practices             ​-
Silica or silica-related dust
​-​Events, competitions, tournaments, camps/clinics-​Sexually transmitted diseases
conducted or sponsored by, or on behalf of the insured,-​Unmanned aircraft
​unless reported and approved by us​-Limitation of coverage for tanning equipment - Coverage does 
​-​Fireworksnot apply to bodily injury to the eyes caused by rays
​-​Fungi or bacteriaemitted by tanning equipment; bodily injury in whole or part,
-​​Instruction/activity held on or in open water (eg: lakes, by customer regulation or tanning equipment timing controls;
ponds, ocean)​bodily injury caused by exposure to any carcinogen
​-​Medical expense for athletic/recreation participants​ -​​Transportation of participants/members 
-​​Medical expense for children in nursery/babysitting​-
Total pollution with a building heating, cooling and dehumidifying
equipment exception and hostile fire exception
-​​Multi-passenger vehicles
​-​The sport of wrestling