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Welcome, Markel agents

As previously announced, Markel Specialty has established a new collaboration with K&K Insurance.  K&K is an Indiana-based full-service managing general underwriter and program administrator specializing in the health & fitness, recreation, event, motorsports, and sports industries. 

Through this collaboration,

  • Markel Specialty has granted full underwriting and claims authority to K&K and we will be acting on their behalf.   
  • They are transitioning their portfolio of health clubs, gymnastics, dance, martial arts, fitness instructors and museum business to K&K's underwriting team as each state approves our policy rates and forms for use.
  • Renewal of in-force accounts began in October of 2022 and will continue in the future following Markel's established automatic renewal process (subject to claim/loss experience).   
  • Beginning April 1, 2023, we will begin accepting new business submissions for these programs.
  • Applications below should be used for new business submissions.  We will review and provide quotes in the order submissions are received.  The target proposal response time for complete submissions will be 7-10 days.
    • These programs follow a templated individual underwriting review process designed to provide quick and competitive quotes for small business accounts requiring primarily commercial general liability and property/business personal property coverages.
    • Also provided below are some basic eligibility guidelines and information to help you with your submissions  
  • For fitness, yoga, dance and sports instructors, please use our online quote/buy online process that provides instant rate/quote/issue capability for these small premium accounts  
  • For Museum accounts, use the applications on this page and forward all submissions to:

Downloadable Applications for new business

Basic eligibility:

  • These programs are designed for small to mid-sized businesses with property values less than $750,000 per location.  We can consider accounts outside of this on an individual basis. 
  • Four operated locations or less.  We can consider accounts outside of this on an individual basis. 
  • Health clubs with revenues of $1,000,000 or less per location.
  • Coverage for Fitness Instructors can be purchased online at:
  • Medical payments to participants will be included for gymnastics, cheer, dance and martial arts programs.  
  • Capacity restrictions or limitations may apply in some locations.
  • Property coverage is not available in HI.
  • All programs will continue to require waiver/releases signed by participants. 
  • Health Clubs with higher revenue or property values and/or more complex coverage needs may qualify for coverage in K&K's large commercial underwriting units.   
  • Markel appointed agents will continue to work directly with Markel on all workers compensation submissions

All new business submissions should be emailed to:   You can reach an underwriter at: 866-216-8302. 

  • Please include the following information in your email subject line:  "New business submission" along with the named insured and the desired effective date.
  • Loss runs are not required on accounts with no claims in the past 5 years.  Otherwise, include 5 years of currently valued loss runs with the submission. 

General Liability: 

  • General liability coverage is written through a risk purchasing group.  Coverage will be provided on a member certificate with a master policy applicable for each program.  The insured will have their own policy/certificate number and limits apply separately to each insured.  The master policy contains all forms that could be applicable to any insured in any state and is available upon request.
  • Through the risk purchasing group master policy, a minimum occurrence limit of $1,000,000 will be applicable.  Higher limits may be available if required by a written contract and may eliminate the need for separate excess policies.  Stand-alone excess policies may still be available to accommodate special requests.   
  • The general aggregate will be $5,000,000 for all general liability policies.
  • Professional liability endorsement will be included on all policies.
  • Non-owned and hired auto coverage will be included on all policies except on accounts located in:  IL, UT, VT and WI.  We can offer a separate auto policy in these states to satisfy the UM/UIM requirements upon request.
  • We will continue to offer coverage for Employee Benefits, Employment Practices Liability and Stop Gap liability (in the states of: ND, OH, WA and WY) upon request.
  • Sexual Abuse coverage will be available upon underwriting review and approval. 
  • Blanket additional insured language will be included.  If your agency is currently appointed with Markel, you will continue to have certificate authority.  If not currently appointed with Markel, please contact us to discuss certificate authority at  


  • We are targeting accounts with property values of $750,000 or less per location; however, we can consider accounts with values over this upon request.  The submission may be referred to another program at K&K if it falls outside of these thresholds. 
  • Our program will include equipment breakdown coverage automatically for all accounts. 
  • We will still offer the same property enhancements that are available under the current Markel program.
  • We will follow similar windstorm/hail guidelines/deductibles in accordance with carrier direction.  
  • Windstorm/hail will automatically be excluded in coastal areas with carrier capacity limitations
  • Wildfire limitations may exist in the following states:  AK, AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OK, OR, TX, UT, WA, WY
  • Earthquake and flood coverage will be excluded


  • We will not provide auto quotes for insured with owned auto exposures.  
  • Auto policies for non-owned/hired auto liability only can be written in the states of  IL, UT, VT and WI to satisfy the UM/UIM state requirements upon request.


  • Excess policies may still be available to accommodate special requests.   


  • Payment plans are available upon request with no additional fee. 
  • We offer autopay/recurring installment payments utilizing a credit/debit card. (This is not available for ACH payments). 
  • Agency bill/net is available to all agents to expedite commission and eliminate monthly commission payments.  Direct bill options are also offered upon request.
  • Emailed invoices and electronic payment now available

Claims can be submitted online, via email or over the phone/fax:
       Phone:  1-800-237-2917
       Fax:  312-381-9079